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Monday, February 24, 2014

Back in town !

We are back! The plane did not crash, I even survived that we had to drive on the wrong side of the street :) Just teasing. If you are used to driving on the right side (continent) and then go left for a week, this is a major and accident-prone change. In England, I almost got run over two times, because I am obviously left-right challenged. Then we came back to Hamburg and I almost got run over again, because I had adapted to the British way of driving on the  left. ... I think I am not going to leave the house for another week, just to make sure. :)
And we made it out of the rain. I had expected that we would be in closer range of the flooded areas, 
but actually the weather was far better than I had thought, sun included, and I learned that we were not in any danger at all. Still, there are many regions in the west, where a lot of damage has been caused, as far as I know. 

For us, the greatest part was, to see all of the family again. We had such a great time and enjoyed every minute of it. I think when we started, hubby was a bit tense, which was probably more because he had not been back home for a while and when you live far away, this is quite different from visiting family who live nearby. But as soon as we had been through the door and got hugged by parents, brothers and sils, everything was fine again. We got a very warm welcome that came so much from the heart, that it immediately led to a lot of good tears. Lol, all women present cried and it just felt right and good that way. :) I think everybody was relieved that the lost son (<--- hubby) had returned home from the far away and exotic country of Germany. And he had brought his beloved and beautiful princess with him (<--- me :)   ). Sorry, I just can't resist this silly stuff at times. I guess it is because I am currently grinning broadly out of happiness. We have had such a good time that it really hurt to leave again, because we really are close and you could  feel that every moment. We would have loved to take the intensity of this feeling home, because it really is special and different when you are there with loving relatives, compared to phone talk or writing letters. And just thinking of hubby's mom and dad, brothers and their families makes me happy this very moment. I love them dearly and started missing them again the very moment we left again.
Then we had a quick and uneventful journey by plane, which I am glad about, because I really was a afraid of flying this time. Nothing happened and I am feeling silly now, because I was so afraid, but I can't help it. All in all, our trip was more than a holiday, it really felt like coming home and hubby and I enjoyed that more than anything else.

So, finally we have returned and everything is fine here for the moment. I'll try to find back to writing as soon as possible, once the laundry is done and lunch is served. :)


  1. Every time I drive on the continent, I think of it as the wrong side :)
    Glad the weather was good for you, it has been calmer the last week or so. It is great you get on so well with your in-laws, not everyone can say that, but it is wonderful having an extended family. Hope you come back to the UK when it is not flooded and windy.

  2. Hello DF, I guess I'll always mix up driving left or right, because our stays in Britain are not long enough. :( And nobody will let me drive their car there. :| I think hubby has warned them, but then again, it might be safer for all this way. :)
    You are absolutely right, I love my in-laws. They have treated me like their real daughter from the start and have always shown a lot of love and affection too. I would never want to miss that and they have this way to make you happy just because they are there. I hope I am not over-analyzing, but I think one reason why they are so lovely is, that they don't judge people. They just accept them for what they are and so they did with me too. I think they are absolutely adorable for who they are. And hopefully we have our next chance to see them all again in summer. They don't live far away from the beach (stones, but still a beach) and it would be nice to be there when it is hot and dry.


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