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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dirty talk and red ears

Oh my,  this is a topic which lets me blush immediately. I detest rude language in any form. Colloquial language is ok, but not worse than that. Even the few times I have used words in my blogs which were inappropriate, I knew I wanted them in my text for dramatic effect or because they were said that way by others. Still, they always create this uneasy feeling in me. For many, my low dirty talk threshold would be more like their starting point, I assume. Then again, I don't mind giving genitals their proper name and I can talk about sex in detail for hours and in public, without a problem. But start alluding to sexual acts with a non-matter of fact language and I will blush completely and chances are that I cannot even talk, because it is so embarrassing for me. My ears are like the red in traffic lights then. Yeah, really cute with blond hair, thanks.

And then there is hubby. He knows how I feel about rude and openly dirty language and he likes to play with my low tolerance in that area. Just like I love to tease him in my ways, he does the same with me in his ways. Yesterday he sort of went to my limits with it. He just teased me, there is nothing he would ever say that would feel degrading or hurt otherwise, and therefore, I am not afraid of it, but I dislike most of the words, usually. He did it throughout the afternoon and evening. And though I did not like all of it, there was this mix, which made it very funny too. Dirty, funny and sooner or later I could feel that he really had me all aroused without doing much more than filling his talking with sexual allusions and touching me a little here and there. I  was doing the dishes in the evening, when I realized just how much hubby had me heated up already and I would have wished to be taken, right there and then.

There were funny things, of course, which are innocent under ordinary circumstances and some do not qualify as dirty talk at all. 'Open Sesame' is one of them. Perfectly fine under any circumstance, but not innocent with him spreading my legs. Since I hesitated a moment when he said that, he said it again. This time a bit differently, slower 'open says me'. It really is funny in such a moment, of course, even I can laugh about that. Well, this is more alluding than dirty talk, but there are rude words for genitals and for the activities that we usually do with them. I am definitely n o t going to repeat these here. Instead there are these harmless ones, which are actually nice ones. It is very exciting, even for prudish :) me, to say something like 'I love what you do to me with your tongue.' But I already blush if hubby says something like 'I want to ####### you with my hard ####### !' or 'suck my stiff ######!'These are rather harmless examples, and hubby's supply is endless, I think.

Surprisingly, when hubby used 'Open Sesame' it did not really take much to let me ride my wave. See, I can do it too, but I don't think it is offensive or rude this way. :) Actually, yesterday was sort of different, because hubby really teased me long with this. Allusions now and then are pretty normal for many couples, I guess. But if you get that for hours, again and again, I think you could expect it to be over the top. Nevertheless, I really have to admit, that it worked with me. I guess that's why I am writing about it at all. I have a negative position when it comes to this way of talking and the result is that I have a massive orgasm from it. That's surprising for me. I really was riding my wave high and long, with hubby's permission. And it only took seconds to get there.

So, rude language, swear words and dirty talk are one huge forbidden area of language for me. I don't know why and how, but it is there and I usually stay away from it as far as possible. But then there is hubby. He pushes the right button in me, creates red ears and effectively silences me completely with talking moderately dirty. It can be outright annoying, true, but then, there is this moment when I have to realize, yes, it left an impression. Yes, it made me feel good, and yes, I still hate that kind of language. Yes, I would like to have that experience hubby gave me again, and yes, I have signal red ears now.

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