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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Oh, look, my hair is so long - Oh, I undress immediately for you, Sir !

After a far too long and arduous week, Master and I have finally plenty of time at the weekend. The week itself was somehow bad, because he was at work most of the time and we only had little time with each other, which we really hate. Why should it be different for us than for everybody else?!
But finally, Saturday morning was there, where I do my best to please my Master, just by doing all the nice things that are connected to serving your loved owner. So I prepared breakfast, woke him gently (8 pm sharp, or else ...) but since Master did not tell me how to do so, I thought it would be nice to sneak quietly up between his legs and so I did and started licking and sucking him. I could immediately feel that he was awake and since Master did not stop me, I continued until he was satisfied. I got a warm-hearted good morning from him, and of course a lot of kisses, hugs and some lovely caresses. But not more at that moment, although I would have loved that. Master could obviously see that I was a little disappointed but apart from him grinning, I got no other sign that he was up to something. Oh my, I was sure that I would have a hard day, because my own ideas had made me horny and I did not know how to cool down again, which is pretty frustrating. Master went into the bathroom, had breakfast, so had I, and then we discussed what had to be done this morning. Actually there was not much to do, because we try to keep the weekend mornings free from work, if possible. Well, this morning there was something. Master told me that his hair had grown too long for him. Oh joy, oh joy. Actually his hair was rather short then, because I had cut it only a few weeks ago, but I also knew that Master said that just for me. So off we went into the bathroom, chair next to the shower. Master sat down and waited for me. Ok, let's see, scissors, towel, comb, ups, I'm still dressed. So I undressed, because that's part of our ritual when cutting Master's hair. When I was all naked, I started, slowly. Master sat there quietly and let me do my work, whenever I could I moved a bit, to tease him, pressed my body against him again and again. You can imagine that cutting hair can take a long time, if done the right way. Finally, I had finished and had already felt that Master was well aroused, just like me. Since all these nasty bits of hair keep sticking to sweaty skin, we went directly into the shower and there we washed each other for a long time and then Master gave me my reward for being such a good girl. It felt so fantastic, making love with the man of my dreams under the shower, warm water, his hands, kisses, caresses.... well I better stop this here, because I can literally feel him again, but this time I don't know whether he would allow me to get satisfaction again. Anyway, Ladies, if your partner still has hair on his head ( :o), and you like to tease him, go for it. But don't forget the shower, or use a bath tub, or just use the bed, kitchen table, or any other place you love.

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