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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh look, there's trouble ahead - let's get there!

Early Thursday morning, my Master had given me some additional cleaning to do. Well, I like being a housewife, so there is no problem for me with cleaning the house properly. But he also gave me directions to clean the dishes first and put them away before I finally start vacuum cleaning. Usually this is the way I'd do it anyway, but sometimes, you just don't want to be told the things you know, because it is so annoying. You can probably imagine what happened next. Master left home and after a while I had all dishes cleaned and dried nice and neat, but of course silly me did not put them away. I let them on the table, intentionally. Ok, next step: vacuum cleaning. All nice done, and then, right after I had finished and turned around I sent some cups and saucers crashing onto the floor.
I knew right then that I was in trouble. Master accepts mistakes, if they are really not my fault, but this was just the kind of situation, that I find myself in again and again, because I am sometimes too stubborn. This incident had already ruined my day, and I knew that this was not the worst part yet.
Late in the evening, when Master came back home, I was already waiting for him in the corridor, like I always do. I held my eyes down, as I am supposed to do in many situations, but since I also had a  red face and my guilty look, he knew exactly that I had done something wrong. After dinner I was allowed to tell him and I did and apologized.

By the way, if you have something bad to confess, try to let him have his favourite meal first. You might really get a bit less than you deserve for punishment. But don't try to manipulate your Master, that would be acting against his trust in you, that could ruin your relationship, in the long run.

So, he took me into the bedroom and I got lectured and punished with the cane. I deeply regretted that I had acted against Master's instructions. Although he also hugged me for a long time and made sure that I had understood all well afterwards, he sent me into the corner for a short while and then to bed. This was a sad night, because of what I had done. I am sure, if it had been a good day, we would have had a very nice night, but not if I misbehaved like that.
At least I knew that it was all settled again, because after punishment and aftercare, everything is forgiven. The next morning, Master woke me up. Usually I would be up first and prepare everything, and I would have done that gladly this morning, to show that I have learned my lesson (at least till next time ...). But this morning I was too late. He had already been up and prepared breakfast and then we stayed in bed for breakfast and you can imagine what happened then. This was really fantastic sex, slow, soft and intense. Master wanted to make sure that I feel well, because he knew that I had been down and exhausted from last night's punishment. Too bad, that the time in bed was over too quick, because I would have loved to be touched by him the way he did, all morning. Finally, he had to leave again, which I didn't like, but at least he had no instructions what to do in which order, therefore the rest of the day was not difficult to handle.
Since it is Saturday today, we had no real time limit for being together this morning. Master took his time with me and I still feel I am in heaven, though I can barely walk again.

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