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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perfect moments

Today was one of these moments again, when hubby/Master managed to make me happy in an instant. I was just preparing lunch and he went up from behind and  breathed to my neck, which I always find very erotic and then he whispered to me, that he loved me and waited for a moment to see my reaction. Actually, I could not react much, my hands were dirty and I was busy with the food, and I am sure that he enjoyed my weak attempts to turn around without being able to do so in that moment, because he was grinning broadly at me, when I turned my head. At least I could give him a kiss ... maybe it was more that he gave me a kiss as my head turned, but it felt lovely to me, it was very intimate, ehm, maybe also because he was touching my bottom slightly at first and caressed my waist immediately afterwards.
I would have loved to stand there forever  with him, it felt like a perfect moment, but as always, these moments are only short and all returns to some kind of daily routine.

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