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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

tease him, you naughty girls !

Yesterday evening Master had a nice suprise for us in store. Master had told me to dress up so that I would look my best and he also wore a nice, dark grey suit.  We went to a chic and exclusive restaurant. Everybody around looked very posh, ourselves included. We went there as husband and wife, not as Master and slavegirl, so that we could talk without any rules or rituals between us. I love these times, because they create a lot of intimacy and they make you feel special and cherished.
Right from the beginning I felt a little bit jaunty and carefree, and Master as well, so we had some joking and teasing right from the beginning. In the restaurant we had something like an alcove and nobody was around to see what was going on in our little place. Master ordered prawn for us and while we waited, I slowly applied a little lipstick again, and I had time enough to see that Master enjoyed to see me doing this. Actually he observed everything I did and I took my time deliberately with it. Then the prawns finally were brought and I started eating them. It was meant to be done using a fork, but fingers were ok too and far more fun. I pushed every piece of prawn slowly  in and out, in and out, in and out. Master obviously reacted physically to this, which was so funny to see, him, the guy who has everything under control, shifting around on his seat while I was playing with my prawn and nibbled from it at times. Well, he enjoyed it a lot, as I found out soon enough. We had a little dessert later on (very delicious, fluffy chocolate mousse) and I started teasing him with that again, by licking the spoon very slowly, and slowly and up and down, I think you get the idea. It was just the kind of thing Master would have loved to have been done to him right at that moment. I knew that I could have ended up under the table and between his legs doing exactly what I had teased him with, and actually I had sort of waited for it, too, but he did not tell me to do him right there. I was glad that he did not, because I think I might have looked dishevelled then and I enjoyed looking like and being treated like a princess for a night so much. No, Master was kind and only in the car, he started pushing up my dress so that he could fondle me a bit, which felt great for me. It made me all hot, because I hoped that it would lead to fantastic sex later on. It was not more than this little bit of touching in the car, but once at home, he could not undress me quick enough and we ended up in bed, satisfied, tired, relaxed, and talking and laughing a bit.
So, Ladies, if you have the chance, go eat prawn, tease your Master/partner/Dom,....

P.S., order sauce or dip in an additional terrine and not all over the prawns, if possible; it is easier to tease him, if you keep dipping into it and slowly lick; if you do that repeatedly, you will surely have a fantastic night.
P.P.S. If you love cooking, you can do the same with all long vegetables that you have at hand, just prepare some dip, the rest will follow ....

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