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Saturday, September 14, 2013

To talk or not to talk - that is no question

If you -as the dominant partner- have a healthy D/s relationship you probably know exactly what it feels like to let your sub be silent and don't give permission to speak. If you have never tried it, do so, I think it is extremely erotic at times to be unable to talk, just because your Master said so. It can be annoying too, at times, sure, but if you -as a sub- have your times where you could talk to your Master/Dom/Mistress/Domme, etc. (you get the idea), it should not do any harm. For me being silenced contains a wide range of emotions, most of them good ones, but also a good bit of frustration at times, for example when only one little touch in the right spot  would send you into endless bliss (<-- this is only the physical bit, imagine the same if you feel you need to communicate something you consider somehow important, but you are not allowed to). Don't get me wrong though, if necessary, I could always tell Master, no matter if I had permission to speak or not, but if it turned out as something that could have waited without doing  any harm, .... .

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