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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

chains, rope and scarves - curse, blessing, trust and some advice

Monday morning Master thought that it would be great to have me in chains again. Yes!, I thought, at least at first, because my ideas only circled around the part in bed. And that would be marvelous. If you have never been bound in bed, try it, it is definitely worth it. It already makes me itchy when I just think about what he did to me then. Master prefers the metal restraints, but if you don't like that, get started with a scarf, to tie your hands, e.g. above your head. You'll love it, if you can stand this kind of tease and denial. Your partner might be one who enjoys doing this kind of torture to you, so you might have hard moments, where you really start begging for release and he just goes on. If your partner knows how he has to touch you sexually, you'll end up in heaven, with some time in hell inbetween. Add a scarf to cover your eyes and everything will be far more intense, btw. Oh, and if you are a bit like me, you are at his mercy once the teasing has intensified and that means that you would promise anything to him, just to get your reward, and I mean anything! Ladies, sorry to say that, but If you really have had such moments, you know why you will always be the one who has drawn the short straw. It is not magic, though it feels like it at times, it is just that he knows how to tease you. He knows where to touch you, mentally and physically. It is something that I wish everybody could have.
Don't forget, it is all about trust, so if you don't have enough trust in your partner, think about the situation you are in.

Well, later in the morning, after I had my very intense reward and after I could walk again, I found out what else my good Master had in store for me. He made sure that I wouldn't walk around much, I was meant to be in my chains for the rest of the day (hands and feet) and the following one as well. It is not really bad, because whenever he keeps me chained for longer periods of time, he also makes sure that I only do easy chores at home. Nothing where chains could cause danger, like ironing, cooking or walking stairs. So, after one and a half days in chains, I am without them again, though I don't know for how long that might be. If it were not for the household chores, I would probably be in them continuously, which I would not mind too much about, if I had my  Monday morning experience every morning in the week.

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