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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday 13th - my lucky night / talking in our relationship

I loved last night, I was already half asleep when Master started waking me up slowly and in the best way I could imagine, by kissing, caressing, touching me gently everywhere and letting me feel like a princess in heaven. This was all without  any commands or rules, it was just for me, after a long week with a lot of work for the both of us. After one of the loveliest and most relaxing moments in bed that I ever had, we talked and talked, before I finally dozed off.
In the morning it was more or less like always, when I prepare and serve breakfast nicely, but Master was relaxed and pleased with me and we had another lovely time to talk. I have always thought that talking a lot in a relationship and good sex are a very good combination to get closer and reach a higher level of understanding each other. Master always knows how I feel and I know that he uses that to his advantage as well, for example by restricting the times when I am allowed to talk to him freely. But I am so glad and happy that he cares for me so much and makes sure that I have lots of moments where we can talk, just like any other married couple does. It is so important for us and I feel like I would wither if I could not talk to him the way I need to.

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