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Friday, May 23, 2014

I can still break rules

... and I claim foggy brain as my only real excuse, I think. Last night was noteworthy. I was alone at home with baby. The two of us had a pleasant evening with some music and reading, but I went to bed early (9.30pm). Considering that I still have trouble sleeping this is very exemplary from my side. :-) 
The night before, when baby moved and I recognized this the first time, I slept well, once the excitement had settled a little. But this night was as many before. I had tea and was relaxed and very willing to sleep. And simply couldn't. I tried hard and was relaxed and thought I'd doze off while waiting for baby to dance again. She did that for a few minutes and I loved it. But I was no closer to sleeping than before. I should add that at this time there had been thunder and lightning and heavy rain. This was really impressive, the lightning went on and on, just like the rain. Did I also mention that it was rather warm in the house from a very warm day? Well, I couldn't sleep, was a bit uneasy, and one major reason was that it was too warm to sleep. 

So I did the only thing I could. I went up again, tried some more tea and had no real idea of what to do. I think it was about 2 pm at night and I felt sweaty and the climate was as if I was in a jungle. And it was raining again. So I decided to go out into the rain - and loved it. I got completely soaked and it felt as if I was taking a shower. In a way, I was. It felt fantastic and after maybe half an hour outside I went in again. I felt refreshed and more tired than before. I locked the door (!) and went to bed. But I didn't tell you that I had opened some of the windows downstairs, but only towards the garden. I did not close them, they were wide open throughout the night. Actually I had not thought at all about them. Forgotten. 

When I came down in the morning, I almost got a shock from seeing that two windows were still wide open. I felt fantastic last night, in and after the rain, but in the morning, when I felt more alone and all was quiet, it was pretty scary. I went all through the house, to make sure there was no intruder. The good news about this is, that I found an old cake pan in the shape of a sheep (no joke) .... And I felt like a sheep too.  Of course, there was no burglar, nobody had entered and I closed the windows again and no harm was done. 


...  I do claim a serious case of foggy brain? Just wanted to make that clear.

... I am not allowed out at night, alone. Safety issues.

... I am not allowed to leave doors or windows unlocked. Same reason.

... when I open them, I have to close and lock them again. See above.

So, usually I would have hubby in the house and actually I would feel safe with him around, even if we slept in the middle of a pitch. Last night I felt safe, too, I think. I sort of did not think at all, to be honest. Bah, I don't want to whitewash anything, either. I am angry about my stupidity. And I am willing to accept all that hubby decides.

Still, I don't want to ruin Monday morning, when hubby will come back early. I want hubby to be happy when he comes back and the last thing is to start our reunion with something like 'Oh, by the way, I left two windows wide open on the ground floor, so that any murderers, burglars, and whoever, could come in while you were not there, and so that everybody was invited to take advantage of the situation. Some more tea, dear?'

I know two things for sure: 

1. The Queen is not amused.

2. He will be worried because of what might have happened to baby and I. At the same time hubby will be a little cross because hubby considers leaving doors and windows open at night a safety risk.

2.1 Honey, I love you !

To sum it all up:

I claim sort of guilty and not guilty, your Excellency.

And the display of lightning that night was marvelous.

I have thought about writing an email, because hubby checks these every day. But I don't want to distract him while he is working.
This will give me another sleepless night, because I'll have to decide quickly what would be the best way to deal with this. 


  1. Hi Nina,
    I so do not envy your situation, but I have been there many times. I think the best course of action would be to consider what he would expect of you in this situation. Whether that is to tell him right away, or to wait, only you can know. I'm so sorry for your discomfort, too. Maybe your Hubby can help you find a solution that he finds acceptable? I too have been pregnant in the summer(delivered early September) and at one point I was naked in a recliner with a fan on me and ice packs tied to my feet. The best advice I can give if you wasn't to stay in your Hubby's good graces, is to always go to him with your problems. Uncomfortable pregnant people do very irrational things at times. Like you said, you weren't thinking. So running things by Him might save you from getting in trouble. I hope it colds down at night for you :-)
    Big hugs!

  2. Hi River, what hubby definitely expects is honesty and I will tell everything, I have already prepared an email for hubby and will send it later today. I would never ever keep things away from hubby, but I think it is wise sometimes to choose the best moment, like after dinner, when hubby is not hungry, or maybe on Saturday, so that he might have relaxed again from my mail till Monday. And I’d always prefer being made accountable and being disciplined to losing his trust. And I seriously claim that I was one of those who do irrational things.
    Lol, I loved your recliner comment, and want to say thank you for it, because it showed that I am not alone. --> Once I was soaking wet I took off my clothes and stayed out in the garden, in the nude, in the rain, lightning above, and it felt marvelous. And I would do it again! … Wait, not the breaking rules part, though. I did not do that intentionally and just hope hubby has a good way of dealing with it. And this is not even the hot summer time yet, oh my. The ice packs for your feet are a great idea, I have put some into the fridge to be better prepared next time. I think this is the moment, when I actually want to send the email to hubby.



    1. Good luck with this, I think you are right about timing :-) It might be worth investing in a portable air conditioner or an above ground backyard pool to try and beat the great this summer.


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