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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Forgotten - edition :-)

This is the Sunday morning forgotten facts edition

 1. Forgotten facts I remembered again

1. If you google 'Forgetting things during pregnancy' you immediately get 3.140.000 hits. Ha!
(I am still trying to strengthen my case for Monday, when hubby will be back)

2. Hubby answered last night. He's going to call me today, but his concern was only whether I was ok. He wrote that we'll sort things out after he is back and I should not worry.

3. I'd absolutely feel better if I got some kind of discipline for breaking our rules, but ...
a. looking at walls or corners is plain boring
b. I really don't want my computer privileges taken away
c. I still claim being not completely guilty. Darn, see 3.

4. Yesterday evening, I was outside in the garden. Wait, no rule broken, it was not dark! When I went in, I locked the door, the windows and congratulated myself for being so canny. Then I looked out and saw that I had not taken any of the stuff which I had brought out, back in. Frustration, here I come.

5. I keep forgetting why I do enter certain rooms, where things are, where I put them only a moment ago. These things can happen, once in a while, but lately they happen rather often ...  per day.

6. When I had (mild) cramps in the bump, two weeks ago, I was seriously panicking. It turned out, within the hour, that this was not labour, so no worries!! On the contrary, this can happen and this only means that the body is adapting well. 
I did not forget writing about it, because this was a real shock when it happened, and you don't forget something like that, but I absolutely needed time to get over it. The good news is: I can breathe that kind of cramps away quickly!

7. One reason for being forgetful during pregnancy can be related to not sleeping enough. But it is definitely only one out of many and from my point of view, the others are hormone-related. ... And I am sleeping better again than before I started drinking valerian tea. So, I sleep more, but instead of forgetting less, I still forget more than ever.

8. Yesterday morning we went shopping and ... I have a nice, simple new swimsuit, very stretchy, all black and not even expensive. It will grow with me. :-)

  2. My week of mental strain :-)

Not me this week:
human thinking at its best: rational, colourful, exciting, inventive, sympathetic, emotional,...

... my reality

as a result I feel a bit like this

...and I don't care, as long as I have this

today I would love this

but actually I feel I deserve more this

Well, I'd gladly accept physical discipline, because that would leave me completely at peace, but I can't get that until winter.

And  when hubby returns, I know we need this.

And a lot of this :-)

You know, apart from the night of lightning and my stupid behaviour, there is one other kind of crisis,  after one week with my still absolutely overactive libido, and without hubby to help out, I want a lot of this, of course, please.

Denying this would be the only form of discipline I'd consider outright cruel at the moment. But hubby is not like that. Haha, and he hasn't had sex for a week either, now let's wait and see. :-)


  1. Aw, prego brain does suck, but it goes away several months after baby is born :-) I hope your reunion is sweet, and I'm sure your Hubby will know what to do with you, don't stress :-)

  2. Hi River, this really sucks. At the moment this is really annoying. LoL, I almost burned lunch today because of it. I simply forgot that I had it on the cooker, because I had left the kitchen. My friend arrived just in time to save it, though, so thanks to her, no harm done. I think hubby will not be strict with me, because it was not my intention to break rules. I'll accept all he decides, but he has seen me being weird even the week before he left and I trust his ability to judge far more than my own. Uhm, especially at the moment :-)




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