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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hold the line

This is my version of 'hold the line'. Hubby has returned safely pretty early in the morning. He came home and had to wake me up! Although I was excited because he would return, I could sleep far better last night, knowing he'd be back home soon, and we had such a lovely start together, a breakfast and a reunion.  The really absolutely adorably lovely type of reunion. But I was hungry, so breakfast was very important, too, in a way.

There's no punishment in for me. Hubby has listened to me and admitted that not sticking to safety rules usually would mean a sort of punishment is due. But he said he would hate himself if he started our reunion with a punishment. -->Especially because his wife (i.e. me) is so pregnant and cute :-) (I added only one of the adjectives, hubby used the other one). Hubby is just happy that baby and I are well and concerning my wet lightning night experience, he pointed out that it was not my intention to break the rules. Then he pointed at my bump and said 'Hormones!'.  Wait! What? That was it?!

Well, in a way there is a good sort of discipline in it for me, nevertheless. Since hubby wants to spend time with me, he decided that I am not supposed to go online for more than checking mails. I asked for a small note in my blog, but got only five minutes, so, this time, I am writing the short version of events. Hubby will try to stay away from most work, today and tomorrow, which means he'll only do a little business stuff and otherwise we'll just have time together (and he has to catch up on sleep as well). Quality time! What a wise man, and he's all mine ... I am all his. :-) (sorry, teaser)

I am extremely relieved now, because hubby is here, has shown that he loves me and he believes me, which is important for me, since I still claim that I did not do anything wrong intentionally. But then again, I still feel guilty, because I think I should have been more observant than I was that night. In his opinion, there is no use in pondering about things I couldn't change. Instead, I should think positively and try to be better next time. I'll try hard. 

Have a nice Monday and Tuesday, everybody. 

I can't wait to jump hubby again. :-)


  1. Hi Nina, I'm so glad hubby is back and that you had such a lovely reunion. How wonderful that is taking some time away from work to spend together. Enjoy :)


    1. Hi Roz, thank you, I think we really needed that time together. Well, hubby because he had to catch up on sleep, too, and I because I felt completely out of balance throughout the last week. I am so happy that he is back and we have our chance to spend time together.



  2. Enjoy you time together! If you are feeling guilty, try looking up "ways to help remember, pregnancy forgetfulness" or some such search (when you are allowed) so maybe you can actively try to prevent mishaps :-)

  3. River, thank you, we absolutely had a lovely time, though hubby was really tired later on and had to catch up on sleep. I looked up what others say about forgetfulness and there is not much to do, apart from reorganizing schedules and writing down more things and putting them in sight. I (have to) do that, and hope that it is enough. But with hubby back and him knowing that I really suffer from preggo brain at the moment, it has become easier. I am more relaxed again, too, because hubby has said as long as I don't burn down the house, we will be able to cope with my forgetfulness.




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