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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The days are just packed, well...a little

Somehow the weekend was busy, but only in positive ways. Sunday was all about being lazy. since the weather was good, I spent the day outside, in the hammock, too. This hammock makes me feel like a sailor, by the way. At first I thought I got it wrong, but by now I am sure that I feel the swaying of the hammock hours later, just like you feel when you spent your day on a boat. It is a little irritating for me, and I have the urge to grab something to steady me, no matter whether I sit or stand. Hubby had a good laugh because of that, because I did not move at all, but I felt like I was on a boat in rough water.

Saturday. In the morning a friend and I went swimming. It was lovely and pure quality time. Lunch was more on the sandwich side of things, but that was ok. After all, I had brought additional cookies, fruits and some juice, as a kind of picnic in the park.
Towards the end of it, hubby called for some food that I should bring along. Ok, so I went shopping on my way home.
When I returned, hubby was a little busy, but he told me that he'd help me with the salad. Ok; which salad was that, Sir? Hubby had found Cat's strawberry-avocado recipe which I had printed out and put into the kitchen. But that would be for dinner, so I had time left during the afternoon. Hammock time ! And making a list for our trip to the familiy - time! I did both, but sometime while writing the list I dozed off.
Later in the afternoon, hubby woke me with some strawberries that he fed me. Yummy. Problem: wake-up time usually means loo-time. You know, this is absolutely annoying by now, because I have the feeling that I have run more often to the loo only the last three months than in the three years before.  Hmm, I really should get a diaper-supply for the ninth month. River's idea. In addition, loo-racing  has the potential to destroy any romantic moment. Imagine that, a pleasant summer day, your husband next to you, slowly feeding you strawberries, to wake you up, and then, ... you have to scramble out of the cozy hammock in a very urgent way. I mean like really urgently. More than a short 'sorry, have to...' was not possible. These are face palm moments, in a way.

But we don't give up! Three cheers for Romance! Thank God, hubby can wait better than I. Well, but my place in the hammock was gone by then. Hubby was in it, eating strawberries. I was a little disappointed, because he really could have waited. Hmmm, no, instead he was lounging in my anti-insomnia-hammock. The way he lazily writhed inside the hammock  had something very sexy, though. Oh, well, everything has something sexy; this has not changed at all, yet.

Hubby did not really look at me, he was focused on having a fantastic time and I was waiting there. I pulled a chair closer, because I thought my cozy place was occupied for the time being, so why bother.
Obviously it was not what hubby wanted. "No, come closer" Well, ok, so I pulled my chair right next to the hammock, so that I could rest my arms on hubby's tummy. I pushed hubby's T-shirt up and started caressing him. I was not disappointed any longer. :-)

He had stopped munching strawberries and asked me where I had put my wedding ring. Well, it was inside, in the kitchen, because my fingers are a little more swollen than they should be. So, I had taken it off in time. Yes, I can and do listen to expert-advice, and I think this has been commented on by many here in the past. Good advice! Hubby asked me to bring it to him. Oh? No chance for romance, it seems. Why does he want to have my wedding ring, anyway? I asked about it, but hubby just told me to bring it. Not nice. I was a little hurt, because he cut off my questions so bluntly. :-(

I went in, I knew exactly where it was, but it was not there. This is not funny! I knew where I had placed it and the wedding ring is among the very few items I do not lose. This really plunged me into a state of desperation. How could my ring disappear from there?! Hubby was already inside. "Where is your ring?" I think he saw that I was close to crying in that moment, because he hugged me immediately. "No reason to worry. Have you looked into the little box?" What box?????????? There is no .................. Oh! There was a little lengthy box which I had not seen and I was sure that it had not been there in the morning. I opened it and in there was, of course, my wedding ring, on a little silver necklace. "So that you won't lose your ring, sweety". I loved that and was relieved too, because I really thought I'd have a heartattack if I did not find my wedding ring. Well, we hugged and cuddled and hubby helped me put the necklace on. Now I have a safe place for my ring. ... After a short while I could even  have my hammock place back. In there, I wanted to sleep, but instead I played around with the ring. Since having it around the neck, I have played with it. This really has toy-qualities at the moment.

Me, when I thought I had lost my treasure ring :-D

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly. I even had a few more minutes of sleep in the hammock (and I sleep better again, all in all!), but not for long, because we had to prepare dinner. Actually dinner was a typical hobbit-like affair. The salad was delicious, and we had three kinds of bread with it, sliced chicken in it and cheese cubes and pepper extra. ... I don't know why I start describing my food. It must be the hormones.:-) Besides, I am pretty hungry lately, and you can see around the belly, bottom, arms, etc. that I do eat. At the moment I feel as if I gain by the hour, though I am not as hoggish as I might sound; I am only a little hobbitish. :-) 

And I do my exercises, always and with joy ... as long as I don't have a mirror nearby.

Have a nice Sunday and a nice start into your week!


  1. Hi Nina,
    Ooh that rascal, your Hubby, making you worry like that! But it was very sweet of him to put your ring on a necklace for you. It's so nice to hear that you're sleeping better too. I think if you didn't talk about food sometimes, that would be abnormal for a preggo :-) I hope your week ahead it's fun and restful!

    1. Hi River, I really was worried because of the ring, but I love that hubby had thought about a necklace to put the ring on. I think he felt a little guilty because his idea had troubled me so much. Hubby was careful not to upset me the rest of the day, but I also know that he never wanted to cause trouble in the first place and I love that he had thought about swollen fingers and the ring.
      LoL, sleep is getting better again, so much better than the last weeks, but it seems that it just takes its turns with swollen feet and hands. I will be in flip flops for the rest of summer, if it goes on like this, but some breaks to rest my legs higher, help a lot at the moment.
      I think I'll search for more good recipes in Smacking Bottom. They are better than those from a recipe book, because you get many great tips of what to look out for, and most are far more exciting than the usual recipes that I do. I think I saw one about cake somewhere .... :-)



  2. Hi Nina, this made me smile. Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad to hear you are getting some sleep. How sweet of your husband to feed you strawberries and to put your ring on a necklace for you :) I agree though, a rascal for making you worry about the ring :)


    1. Oh Roz, this weekend was wonderful, we had a lot of quality time and that is worth so much. I absolutely hated when I thought that I had lost my ring though, this was awful. But it only lasted a moment, and I think hubby came in because I was not out again as quickly as he had thought I would. Hmm, I am not sure if I have called him rascal yet. I think I'll save that one for next time :-)




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