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Monday, June 9, 2014

Last year's summer spanking

I might not get any spankings till Christmas, but I still remember them. The memory about this one came up this morning, because the weather is so sticky today. Too warm, wet air, not all enjoyable but nicer than the cold, grey, dull weather we had before. It reminded me of last year.

Last year's summer had such days too, of course. And I thought I felt good, but had not recognized at all that I was strained. When hubby and I had arranged everything and wanted to leave, meeting family, he suddenly stopped me, right before I wanted to leave the house. "Wait, there is something we have to do before we can go." I was a little surprised and had no idea what this might be. Maybe I was a bit antsy, but I thought I did not show. I was wrong.

Let me just add one little detail. I was ready to leave the house, so this means clothes, hair and make-up were done and perfect. And I like that a lot, it helps me to feel good, and I don't like looking into a mirror when I look as if I had been chewed on and spit out.

So, hubby took my hand and led me back to the living-room. Meanwhile he informed me. He was caring, but in that moment it really sounded like being informed, which I found rather detached. I had found out afterwards that he had seen what I was like, but was not sure whether he should use the last chance before or the first one after our family visit. 

Well, I stood in the living-room before we started. And I was all spick and span. "I have seen that you are very tense and not yourself. I was not sure yesterday, but today it has become obvious. Before we go, you need to get rid of that." What does that mean? There were only two options that came to my mind. sex or spanking. We were in the living-room. Both things could happen here, but sex was more likely to happen in the bedroom or in the kitchen. So, I got a slightly hectic look and was scanning the room for any implements. I could not see any. Maybe spanking and sex? sounds neat, but I'd look so dissheveled afterwards and would have to start all over again. Oh, no, better afterwards? "Why now? We have to leave!" This was only half-hearted protest, more because the situation was so unexpected and I was so completely unprepared, that I was a little overwhelmed. "You need this now. Bend over." Oh, so this sounds like spanking now. He was too matter-of-fact. 

I was not even over his lap. Too bad, because I enjoy that. So, I bent over the sofa and felt my hair fall and dangle down. Actually no big deal, because I could fix that quickly. But it made me angry. I am not sure if it was the head down position or whatever, but in that position I could inwardly only agree, 'yes I am very tense and strained and can't get out of it at all.' But outwardly I wanted to protest and was angry. Hubby had brought the spatula, pulled my skirt up, knickers down and he started moderately, but at first, I could not let go. I was already crying lightly, and some of it made me angry again, because this would destroy my make-up completely. 

For me, applying some make-up without a hurry, is very relaxing. Usually this is a peaceful moment that I enjoy. But I did not enjoy knowing that this would be gone within seconds and I'd almost look like a drunk clown. Hubby went on, I felt the swats, my crying intensified and only after a while, I felt just how much I had to let go. And I did. I was bawling it all out. Hubby went on for a while, and I knew that the swats were not hard ones. He did not punish me at all. This was all for me, a real release and towards the end of it, I had understood that and felt better and better. When he stopped, he helped me up again and held me close. I was still crying,  sobbing, and when I looked at him, I could even smile again. I tried to say "Thank you" but this must have been incomprehensible. Hubby caressed me and only let me go after a good while, when he knew I was well. And I was. I felt fantastic. And looked into the mirror and was immediately frustrated again. My eyes were swollen from crying, make-up? Argh! So, after cooling my eyes I started my ritual all over again, still with red eyes. 

Hubby came in, he had called my parents, to explain our delay. And he had his devilish grin. "Yes, you know that she always needs ages in the bathroom. No, she still has to do her make-up, and then we'll start." What? Oh yes, thank you, now it is all my fault. I was shaking my head, waving my hands, signaling 'no!' but of course, it did not work. Hubby had the time of his life, watching my silent protest while he told my father that I had been so slow and wasn't done with the make-up yet.

Once I sat in the car, I felt every inch of my bottom. And I was smiling and felt great during the ride and throughout the day. I told hubby in the car, and he was happy that he had pushed the right button. 


  1. Isn't it lovely when they know just what we need, even if we don't recognize it? I'm sorry for the makeup ordeal, but I bet you had a better time that day than you would have without your spanking :-) And post baby hormones are crazy so I bet there will be plenty of opportunity for a good release come Christmas.

  2. Oh yes, this was marvelous. The before and after change in me was so huge. It's like throwing a big burden over board. And the rest of the day was so enjoyable, so, I know that hubby did just the right thing, but I am not always able to see that in time.. I did ask for spankings in the past, but hubby is quicker in recognizing what's going on with me.
    Yes, I can't wait for Christmas, but I know I'll start as a complete wimp and the lightest spanking will leave me pretty sore, then. LoL ... can' t wait for that to happen.




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