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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amy and hubby

Amy and my husband

Initially I had just thought to write about last night's gossip and talk, because we had ladies' night, but then I saw that my thoughts were completely centered around the magic triangle of Amy, hubby and me. Therefore, I changed my plan and you can read a pretty 'unpregnant' piece of information, instead.

So, this time, ladies' night was in our house, and I am proud to say that I did not overdo this. I mean, I am not out to break any rules in general, but currently, I really try hard not to create trouble. Hubby makes sure, of course, too. When we were all enjoying ourselves, hubby came in and took my friends up on their promise to send me to bed at 11.30 at the latest. We were five women, and they all know that I am submissive and that I obey hubby. There was no discussion about the bedtime given by hubby, nobody frowned and most of my friends also actually think this is rather romantic, because hubby shows how much he cares. LoL, apart from me, poor Amy is the one who is actually held responsible by hubby, if they all fail to haul me into bed in time. It is because of her special relationship to me and somehow hubby and Amy have an unspoken agreement to act up a little parent-like concerning me, when the two of them are together. This entails special responsibilities and rights.

To avoid misunderstandings, hubby is my one and only partner, Amy has her partner, and hubby and Amy are just very good friends. I'll keep this short; acccording to hubby, she is too motherly for his taste. Amy knows about this, and according to Amy, hubby is too ... rough... at times to be of interest for her as a partner (good news for me!). The other reason why they can only be friends is currently writing this text. :)  Amy has a strong and dominant partner, too, and I'd say he is not much different from hubby. But then again, she is the one who can see right through people, whereas I usually fail. Nevertheless, of course I know what she is talking about, concerning hubby. It's a part of his attitude that I actually enjoy in him and it is extremely attractive for me.

When there are difficult decisions that have to be taken, he can do it, and he can be pretty assertive. This applies to his business and this also applies to anything else, friends and family included. Hubby is the most honest and reliable man I could ever wish for, but if he feels double-crossed, things can be really ugly. But this is something he doesn't do without good reasons and actually he is a real prince-charming and I think I have never ever seen anybody get along so well with virtually everybody, and the ladies have been doing ridiculous things in the past to get his attention. So, the basic idea of hubby is that he is easy-going and true to his word, and he cares for those he loves and for those who are his friends, but he has some edges, too.

Ok, so I have those two super-protectors, and when they are together, and when I somehow become the subject of their interest, the two of them really a-r-e pretty parent-like about me sometimes. Maybe I have mentioned that before, I am not sure, but the two of them discuss me, while I am there. Did I mention parent-like? This can be like being sent back to your early teenager years. Have you ever had parents who discussed your pimples? Or your first period? Or being with a boyfriend? Or...? Well, this could be embarrassing, which is pretty easy to do to me, but with them, it is not, and I am very grateful that I have them as husband and best female friend. 

If anybody, Amy is the one who has special rights concerning me, because she has done more than anybody could expect from any friend. Hubby knows that and respects it, too. This is not a matter of choosing between hubby and her, which is out of question. And, hubby knows how much of a mother hen Amy can be and she is always first only choice if he wants someone to have an eye on me, when he cannot. Yes, I know what this sounds like (imagine my rolling eyes here). I am not a little child, I can make my own decisions, I am all grown up, I also have other close friends, but Amy is special and counts as closest family; hubby trusts me, and I think in general having a relationship where DD does play a vital role, demands two partners who can take a certain amount of responsibility for themselves and for each other. Anyway, the two of them do care a lot and I love them just as much as they love me, and I am also first choice when Amy needs company. Besides, of course, I am attracted to disaster, followed by catastrophe. But apart from that, I am really nice and cute. :-D

Hey, originally I wanted to tell about how good everything went that night. When we are together, the nights can be quite long and busy, depending on our mood. Accordingly, I had discussed with hubby, what was best to do, but since I had problems with sleeping and since I would not even want to strain baby and myself just for some fun night, we had agreed on a decent bedtime, which would leave me enough time to spend the evening with my friends. But we did not want to spoil the fun for the others either, so they should stay and enjoy themselves and hubby would arrange their safe transport home.

I did as told, went up in time and my friends stayed until I was in bed and they continued their evening, while Amy and hubby were the ones who actually put me into bed. I love such moments in general, but when the two of them do this, it is outright wonderful (doesn't happen often, though). If you have two loved ones of this kind, I think there is no way you could get more warmth and security. Think back to your childhood, when you were brought to bed by mom or dad, who made sure that you were safe and warm in your cozy bed. This is what it reminds me of and I want baby to learn how wonderful this is, too.

Well, Amy wanted to feel my bump, and originally she had come upstairs to find out if baby was dancing, which did not happen then, but she'll have another chance to feel baby kick next weekend at the latest. Talking about Amy's special rights, she actually mentioned in her best motherly manner that I should maybe reconsider my choice of nightdress. I was admittedly not wearing much at all, since I thought it would be a warm night and I felt very heated from this evening, but when Amy mentions something I have learned to listen to her message, which was that I would probably catch a cold. I have had some light cold throughout spring and a little up to now, and did not want it to become worse, so I reconsidered and let her help find something warmer. Plain, white, boring, but warm. Mother-hen had chosen wisely for the night, which is lovely, but it was definitely only a utility decision. She even put out some socks for me, and offered to help me put them on, because my bump is a little in my way by now and I look incredibly awkward when I put on socks (But I can do the job!). With some talking between us, I felt that it really was a cool night and let her help me. Plain white socks, another utility decision, btw. They are all clothes that I have in store for the clinic and if those get ruined there, I don't care. Actually I would have loved it so much, if baby had kicked in that moment, so that Amy would have felt her too, but baby was very tired. So was I. I think that my body is adjusting again to the next round of baby growth and that's somehow exhausting, just like carrying the pumpkin around all the time.

So, the other girls stayed far longer, and when I came down around 2.30 am after one of my obligatory bathroom visits, they were still having fun. And they had a little alcohol. I don't believe that they had much, but when I came down, in my plain white nightdress and socks, and  before I was even fully there, they had already started talking about the marshmallow who came downstairs. That's what I felt like and that's what my nightdress made me look like. They were only teasing a little and I would have enjoyed staying with them for a while, but really, I do try to get all sleep I can, especially because I feel that I need it at the moment. They were discussing my bedtime now, because I had come back to them. ... Is getting up again very early in the morning bending rules? I did not do it, but I thought that since I had slept, this could be a borderline case. Since I felt tired, the decision was obvious enough. When I need sleep, I have to sleep. Besides, this is currently a rule for me here, and if I do not stick to it, hubby is really miffed, because it is detrimental for baby and my health and hubby has to handle a tired and rather unreasonable preggo-monster then. Therefore I wished them all good night again and the marshmallow went back to bed and slept on, and hubby let me sleep into the morning.

Maybe you know how one single moment is enough to keep your thoughts occupied for hours and days. This being tucked in by hubby and Amy was one of those. It left me thinking about Amy most of today. I have even changed some parts of 'I quit - part 2' because of it. It is far longer now, than I had ever thought it would be. But that's fine. And if you have survived more than one of my entries you know that somehow they are at times on the lengthy side. Sorry for that, but blogging helps me organize my thoughts. And the essence of this is, that I listen and obey (gladly) when hubby speaks, and I listen very closely when Amy speaks. I mean I really listen, want to understand and am all willing to follow her advice and have learned that these two are the best that ever happened to me (and baby, of course!).

I hope you all have a very lovely and enjoyable weekend !


  1. Hi Nina,
    How lovely that you got to have a ladies night and a good nights sleep! Good for you for doing the right thing and listening. I find that sometimes it's hard to remember how important obeying is when I'd rather continue having fun. I'm so glad that you have those two special people in your life!

  2. Hi River, thank you, I am really happy because of what you wrote. Hubby and Amy are special and they do matter most. I guess that's why they pop up here now and I know it sounds like exaggerated praise or bragging from my side. Well, I for one like my rose-coloured glasses concerning them. It is because I know that they care so much and want the best for me. This sounds weird from an adult woman, but you can really feel it and see it. Whatever else has ever happened, I am absolutely blessed because of them. I don't really know if I am up to their standard, but I want to be good for them too (sounds simple, but is not always easy)




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