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Monday, June 16, 2014

10 things that are different now

After my initial surprise about writing down what our meals are like at the moment, I noticed that this is different from before pregnancy times. I don't believe that I would have had the idea of describing food in a blog under different circumstances. And this is not the only thing that has changed, obviously.

1. Describing meals makes me hungry.

2. Sweat pants are my best friend.

3. I crave spankings more than ever (no real news).

4. I eat like a hobbit.

5. Oreos. If anything, they are my new symbol for pleasure and pain. I don't like them, but until I had my vanilla cookies I could not resist either. So I ate them with pain in my face and they made me feel good. I am obviously more masochistic than I had known before pregnancy.

6. I gain weight and think it is wonderful, most times. 

7. I do my exercises and sweat, huff and puff and enjoy that I can do it, though I am less mobile than before.

8. I drive like a saint!

8.1 This is the first time ever that I do not really want to drive much.

9. Over-emotional fits come as quickly as they go.

10. Sex. This three-letter word is too short and nondescriptive to describe how important it is right now. You know, when I have nothing better to do, I come up with weird theories and one of them (not as foolproof as my hobbit-thesis yet) is that maybe men need viagra because they cannot be pregnant.... :-D Beat that!

11. I have compared my maternity dresses to a tent in a supermarket. Not sure whether the tent was bigger.

12. Flip flops are my new friends, too. I mean, for the beach, fine, but now I am really absolutely into them.:-)  Hubby would not let me drive with them (safety; I agreed completely), but otherwise, I admit that I learn to love them more than I had ever imagined.

13. My idea of the term 'big girl pants' has undergone extreme revision and covers a wider range than before.:-)

14. There is a huge difference between just not paying attention and this foggy brain that lets you forget things from one second to the next.

I hope you all have a nice start into your week !


  1. LoL Nina, love your list! No 13 made me laugh :)


  2. LoL, I can see the difference when I do laundry. Well, when I look at my knickers, I see a huge difference. All I hope is that my sizes go down again when baby is born, I'd love that. But up to then, ... I love my cookies :-)




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