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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In the labour ward

The pregnant cheer-me-up bit

When I went to my doc this morning, I had to wait a while. Only a moment later, another woman came into the waiting room. Compared to mine, her bump looked twice as big. She is expecting triplets and is in her 26th week now. I mean, she carried her bump as if it was nothing though it looked really heavy. You know, compared to her, I must look so slender. I made sure I sat close to her  as long as possible, because she made me feel delicate.

Of course, she also has some problems, but she was so cheerful and happy that she infected me with the good mood virus. Haha, usually I really don’t need that, but every week at the doctors I am still a tiny little bit tense, until I get all the good news about baby. 

She told me that she has been leaking a little bit milk the second week by now. Hmmm, I know that this can happen almost anytime, but now I am waiting for mine to start, just to know all is the way it should be.  Another way of catching up. According to my doc, it could start any minute. Hooray, leaking above and below navel it is then! 

Hmm, maybe the leaking is a bit of a cheer stopper, unless you are actively waiting for it to happen, so I better bring some of the things I just do N.O.T. want to hear in the labour ward. I cannot even imagine any one woman who would enjoy hearing the following during delivery:

• "Aww, look what you did honey; now the floor's all wet!"

• "Do you think the Tivo recorded my game?"

• "The vending machine here has Fritos!"

• "That needle looks GIGANTIC!"

• (Stands next to the doctor) "Oh honey, can you pass me my phone, I want to Instagram this."

• "Boy, this is exhausting!"

• "I think I just unplugged something..."

• (Blows up a surgical glove) "Do you think they'll notice if we take some of these home?"

• "Do you think we'll be done here within the hour?"

• "I see the baby's head already!! ... Just kidding!"

1 Thing Never to DO while your wife is in Labor:
• RUN!

The weekly countdown 

...from someone who feels so … spacy (jaunty, actually)
Space time 2340981235543,4 
(probably Pacific Time, because I still don't know what time it is there when I go to bed here)

This is the Captain onboard the bulky space ship Nina

Wohoo! We have been in outer space for 37 weeks now. 

Well, due to a complex and marvelous biological experiment, it has become pretty crammed inside our ship over the last 37 weeks.

 Wohoo - again. First timer Star Trek reference in my blog. Might be better this way, I don't want to offend anybody with my ignorance. 

1st anniversary 

Wohoo - again, again! Today I have my first anniversary in Smacking Bottom! If anything, time flies. So much has been going on over this last year and I have written about all sorts of stuff in my blog. It has started more like a diary and has had some pretty weird entries, too. Nobody protested; thank you for that! :) And thank you for reading in my blog, at all. (even more so if you survived my 'wrapped boxes' entry). I really appreciate your thoughts and that you are there and share your ideas. Thank you!

Currently my blog is more of a pregnancy journal; although my second one is a little booklet, for baby to have, once she is grown up. Sara encouraged me to do this and I am still very grateful for her doing so, since this turned out as something very personal and special.

I think my blog was more about dd and bdsm when I started, but beginning with February it changed more and more. 'Pregnancy' is label number one and has been for ages. Buuuut, I cannot wait to return to dd, writing about it included .... and I'd love to write more about our family, then. I mean, I couldn't really stop myself when baby was not even there, so how could I stop, once she is born. I guess there will be much to discuss, e.g. how to do dd with kids around. Don't be surprised when you see me reading through your blogs all over again, looking for ways to hide ttwd from our little one. And I might ask a few more questions concerning little big giant dogs next year, because hubby wants one of those, too. You know, the one I am gonna call Mimi, only in really big.

Therefore, everybody, prepare for the second season of my blog ... uhm did I make it sound like a threat, now? Nah, never!

I hope everybody in Smacking Bottom has a wonderful week.


  1. Congrats to your ONE YEAR! And if you think THIS year was full, just wait !!!! Speaking of waiting, you might want to wait a bit on the old dog thing. LOL.

    Ah yes the leaking. Prepare for so much leaking !!! After our first was born and my milk came in on day 3 or 4 I was HUGE> This 32 A turned into Dolly Parton! I had no nipple left. No word of a lie. My breasts shone! It was so incredibly painful. Only putting my boobs in hot water worked. I pray this doesn't happen to you. Nurse. Nurse...Nurse. that is all I am going to say about that !

    I'm so excited for you! I wish Sara was around ( knowing her she's peeking) to share in your happiness.

    Best of luck!!! ( yeah I'm going to keep saying that)

    1. Hi Willie, thanks a lot. I hear you well when you say we should wait with the dog. I think we’ll see how we settle into the new situation with baby, first of all. Since hubby is at work, i.e. away from home, most of the day, caring for a Mimi-puppy would be my job, too. So, I’ll better first try to figure out to get enough sleep and stay organized.
      For now, I feel prepared for leaking, I have my pads ready, and additional t-shirts, just in case. Urgh, the milk let-down you had sounds really bad. I mean, I like that my breasts have become bigger, but I don’t want to think they are going to explode any minute. So, I’ll better nurse, nurse, nurse :D and hope the best.
      It would be great with Sara around, but what matters most is that she is fine. Hey, I am grateful for all good wishes, thank you!



  2. Congrats on the blogovercery....

    Best of luck as you move toward the finish line!

    1. Hi mostly mouse, thank you very much. Ha, can't wait to reach the finishing line by now!



  3. Congratulations on one year in SB.
    I never leaked before birth, in fact it took 4 days for my milk to arrive for no. 1 and she had donated milk instead. The second, she was draining me within in the hour. Goes to show, nothing goes by the book!
    I saw your title and thought... oh no, she's early! Glad to see it was a good set of one-liners instead.


    1. Hi DF, thank you. Oh my, I just hope I don’t have to wait that long for milk. Well, I’ll find out, soon enough. Sorry about the title. My talent for finding misleading titles struck again. This Wednesday evening, all is as usual, and I am just waiting, relaxing and trying to sleep (still difficult).
      According to my doc, first-timers are more likely to go beyond the due date. Actually, I hope not, because I would enjoy getting my belly back for myself. :) But I also like baby move inside.

      Glad you liked the one-liners. I imagined hubby saying each of them in the labour ward and found none of them funny in that context. But in a movie, without anybody there to feel hurt for real, they would be funny. With popcorn!



  4. Congratulations on your first year of blogging Nina!

    Love your list and am sure some of these have been uttered in the Labour room lol. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Wishing you all the very best.


    1. Hi Roz, thank you! :) I think you are definitely right, some of these lines must have been used. I hope hubby is better, though.



  5. Hi Nina,
    Congrats on reaching week 37 and on your blogiversarry! I always look forward to your posts :-) Don't stress(ready for me to say!) about your milk coming in. Baby doesn't actually need to feed right away, though he or she may want to suck. Hopefully there will be a seasoned lactation consultant at your birthing centre to help show you the ropes :-)

  6. Hi River, thank you! I hope that they will help me, so that feeding won't be a problem. But since I have met them I am confident that all will be ok.




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