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Monday, September 1, 2014

I want my heels!

The weekend was ok, but I still have to get some of it sorted. There is no drama, only overanalyzing from my side, I guess. I’ll try to post on this during the week. 
Instead, I want to write about one of the things I do miss so much by now. Seeing them in boxes and in shelves made me long for them even more. ... I am talking about my high heels. I haven’t calculated the time I have been without them, but it must have been almost six months by now and this feels like eternity! I want them back, want to wear them, feel good in them. Let’s face it, flat Birkenstocks are not shoes you’d like to wear when you are right in the middle of a romantic evening. Imagine it. He is standing behind you, you feel his breath at your neck, you feel the erotic energy between him and you. A gentle touch here or there, he opens the dress, it slides down. You are wearing your sexiest underwear, maybe black lace, maybe silk, stockings, ….  and then orthopaedic shoes?! What a turn off.

I might have (no doubt!) a shoe fetish, and I love my flip flops and other kinds of flat shoes this year, but the flat ones do not give me what I want. I don’t know why, but even with my bump and all, I feel more desirable in high heels.

I mean, sure, currently my swinging hips are only hippo-like and there is no swaying walk, when I stomp walk along. But that doesn’t bother me; it is about the shoes. When I am on my flats, I feel small and powerless, if this makes sense. There is no erotic statement possible which says ‘look at my lovely long legs’. For me, this does not even mean that they have to be long legs, but my heels allow me to feel that way.  It is not even that hubby mentioned that he wants to see me in them. I am sure he would love to, but he has been so great and never given me the feeling that I am plump, round and unerotic, on the contrary, being with him is awesome, because he enjoys me the way I am right now. (... He already has ideas about a second child, btw.)

But when the mood is right, the decision of wearing specific high heels, is a state affair for me. Deciding on the right ones is a conscious process, and in such a moment, I decide what does make me feel this specific way. -->Let’s talk about a certain kind of power. In some ways, I have none, hubby is the decision-maker. I react positively when he does, and it is what we want and enjoy. But, even in such a moment, when I wear spectacular high heels, they give me a feeling of having power of some kind. And I feel sexy and desired! All at the same time. Maybe I am not really clear about this, but there is a major difference for me the way I feel in flats compared to high heels, when I am out in town. There is also a difference in what people are like then, sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, these are comfy and I wear such most of the time these days, but ...

...but I want high heels again :-D


Ok, if this turns out to be one of my incomprehensible weirdo entries again, I am sorry. In a way, this is like having the munchies. Obviously, I can have that with my shoes, too, even though I only want to wear them.

But nevertheless, 
I hope you all have a fantastic week! the shoes you love most! 


  1. Hi Nina,
    I think we are opposites in the shoe department, lol. I own like 3 pairs of shoes and I avoid wearing any at all unless I leave home :-) But I really do get how you feel overall about the power thing. I think that a submissive woman, the power to make u husband do a double take when you walk by, or to distract him from what he's doing because he wants you do much is a nice kind of power. And confidence is sexy so whatever makes you feel good will also make you look good :-)

  2. River, three pairs? I don't know how long I could survive that. :D Actually, I have trouble getting into my good and best shoes at all. I don't mean because I cannot bend down, only because I have a bit water in my feet now and then (not really bad, only annoying). So, in the morning they'd almost fit, because I rest my feet a little higher at night. In the evening or in some weeks when the water won't disappear, I cannot. Just hope that I will not have to buy too many new shoes after October. Hubby would not be amused about that. ... Wait, but if you have about three pairs of shoes, that just means that you can buy other things you enjoy. You must have plenty of room where the shoecabinet could stand. :-D Just teasing!

    But what you say about the double take and distracting hubby, is definitely true, and confidence is very sexy, yesss! It creates certain moments between us, too. And shoes or no shoes, the situation always has to be the right one, too.



  3. I only wear flat shoes because if I wear heels my toes go numb for weeks. The last time I wore heels was at a wedding, it took 3 months for the feeling to come back into two toes!
    One of my family has a deformed foot. I suppose this has made me appreciate comfortable shoes, because he's never comfortable in any footwear. However, I do like the look of heels and find them sexy. I just can't wear them.
    P has a thing about buying shoes - he gives me 'the look'

  4. Hi DF, I am fully with you about the toes. if I had such a problem with my toes, I would not wear high heels either. Well, or only on a few occasions, such as a wedding.
    Hubby does that too, I get 'the look' from him too, but he doesn't always have the patience to go shoe shopping with me.



  5. Hi Nina, I do like the look and find high heels sexy but just find them too uncomfortable to wear often. I prefer low or medium heel. I get the feeling wearing them gives you though.


    1. Hi Roz, I have to agree, it is not that I could wear high heels all the time either, sorry if I left you with that impression. My all time favourites are actually only medium heels, too. But when I see my favourite heels gather dust, it creates this longing for them. Especially in some moments and now more than ever, because I simply cannot wear them.




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