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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Late night baby name trouble edition

No, nothing has changed yet. This is 2nd October, currently 10.30 pm and baby is still in me (teasing me from the inside with kicks). River, this means you only have another ninety minutes to win in Europe, but I think there is still much more time in the US. :) 

Yep, so we are still waiting. No big news. But nevertheless, there was real trouble here today. It was about baby's name. I thought it wouldn't be a problem to publish her first name here, and mentioned that to hubby en passant. Others have published more and therefore I thought 'no big deal'. But hubby would not allow to give away names. 

Well, the name issue led hubby and me directly into conflict. That was awful. I didn't want to argue, but thought I could just give you the first name. Nope. If I had not given in, hubby would have pulled the plug on my blog. He was serious. This was really sobering. He was not out for a fight either, but would not let me give away her name. He might be right, I'll grant him that. But when he forbade this out of all, I was so frustrated that I could only cry.... at first.

.... I didn't give up that easy. And I did not break any rule either with my approach. Hubby doesn't want me to give away information that would make it easy to find us. Ok, I am with him there. But seriously, I don't believe that the name of a newborn would be found in one out of a huge number of blogs and connected to us. I know that basically, hubby is right, but I thought that there is no real risk. Hubby had doubts, so he wouldn't give in. I did not want to annoy him either, since there would be no discussion at all then, but if the first name is the problem, what about the others?!

In the end hubby gave me expressed permission to use the last of baby's forenames, because this is the one nobody else will use. Well, maybe baby will hear her complete name only when she is in really big trouble, at least that was when my parents used my complete name on me.

The argument we had was something I could have foreseen, as it is about something which is important for us. Nevertheless, I had not thought that I would create a problem at all, by using baby's name. And if the first you hear then is something like 'No way José', it is like running against an invisible wall.

So, for anonymity's sake, we have compromised and although this is a little bit disappointing, I am happy that I can use one of baby's names at all in my blog. It makes writing about her so much nicer and more personal (absolutely sure it's a baby girl, but only hubby knows for sure).

Maybe this is the last countdown for a while ...
We are in week 40 and our due date was 

One day more doesn't make us overdue, btw. 
The due date is an estimate, and the normal time for delivery is somewhere two weeks before and after this date. 
As far as I know, 'overdue' only starts two weeks after the due date.

Seriously, I am more than ready now.


  1. Hi Nina,

    I'm sorry this caused some disharmony between you and am glad you were able to compromise. I wouldn't have thought it would be an issue either, but I do understand your husband's concern.


    1. Hi Roz, this silly argument brought me completely down at first. But I am pretty glad now, because we have been able to solve this and in a way we both got what we wanted.
      Today is the 3rd October, no change to yesterday, so, let's see, I am on my way of losing the bet too (sorry River).
      Roz, I think that you are the one with the best chance of winning, provided baby plays along with our bet at all. :)



  2. Hi Nina,
    Sorry I lost, I know how ready you are to meet your little one! But I love the pouty face you posted, I do the same look several times a week when the big meanie husband won't let me have my way. I could tell you all kinds of old wives tales to get baby to come out, but most of then are unpleasant and in sure you've heard them all by now. Maybe have her daddy give her a stern lecture through your belly, or serve eviction papers to her? Good luck, can't wait till you have her!

    1. Hi River, sorry that you lost, we are still waiting, but Roz is the only possible winner now. :) LoL, pouting can easily lead to spankings, but not for me, I am afraid. I think one of the most unpleasant methods of inducing labor was about castor oil. I only know it as a laxative and would not use it just because of the ideas of what might happen during labor then. Urgh! I think I have heard some of the stories of how to induce labor. A lecture from daddy sounds better, because she will surely receive one now and then, in a few years.
      I'll walk, cuddle, have sex, to get baby started. They are all great methods and not harmful. Labor, here we come!




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