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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

emotional crisis and chaos? yes, she lives here...

Currently I am in one of my moody phases again. If you want to know, I have them round about once every month. This is what usually happens then: inner restlessness, inability to focus, angry against myself, feel insecure for no reason, need to be cuddled a lot, forget to finish daily chores need to walk here and there, need to eat chocolate, need to get rid of eaten chocolate, jogging through the woods, feel exhausted from jogging through the woods, much hot water to have a hot bath, need for more physical contact with Master, need to talk about serious issues, but can't focus on that, more need for sex. This is what Master does then: distracts me from minor problems, comforts me, gives me lots of hugs and cuddles, takes me to other places, like nice restaurants, takes me to the bedroom, relaxes me by using hot wax and soft spankings, gives me sex, buys chocolate, has also bought my trainers I use to go jogging, has bought jogging outfit in bright and fluorescent colours, prepares hot baths for me, has hot baths with me, gives me sex, is there to listen to me and calm me down.
Btw, don't believe that I get out of the chores, they are waiting, but Master is lenient towards me when he knows that I am not feeling well. There is a difference between just being uptight or being emotionally challenged and his reactions towards me also reflect that difference. If I am just bitchy and uptight I have to bear the consequences, usually on the bottom, but when I can't cope with myself and have no way out, Master takes my hand and helps me. He gives me all the time I need and he is there for me.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that,  I love you, Sir.

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