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Monday, October 14, 2013

earn your reward, little one

When Master came home the other day, after a business-trip that kept him away most of the week, we were so happy to be together again. Usually this ends up in sexual activities quite soon, but it was a little bit different this time. We talked for most of the evening and I still was not sure what would happen next. Actually, I don't know what Master will do next most of the time, because he likes to create surprises of the special kind and I love to be surprised by him. So, after a lovely candlelight dinner, he told me to go into the bedroom and be prepared. This means be naked and wait kneeling next to the bed. Oh my, after five days without him, my fluids were already running just from hearing him saying that. Since Master's command came from one moment to the other, my thoughts were a bit too slow for me and I was still the housewife and dared asking, if I could clean the table first. Oh oh, wrong moment, wrong question, silly girl. Master only glared at me and I thought that I'd better be quick in the bedroom and hope that the punishment wouldn't be too bad, for this. Up to that point I still was not sure, if I had ruined the nice evening, because usually, Master would not act harshly just because of one remark. But on the other hand, if he doesn't have enough sex ... . Well. I stripped and kneeled and a moment later, Master came in and scolded me a little, but I could already hear, that he was in the mood for playing. I was really relieved, but I also knew that something would happen to me. I was told to lay on the bed and Master bound my hands and feet. One moment later I couldn't see anything anymore, because he had blindfolded me. Just being there with him, naked, exposed, wet, was already enough and made me feel desperate. Nevertheless, I listened carefully when Master talked, he even let me repeat my safeword, and that made me a bit nervous. After all, it had all started with a nice dinner. I could have known, because Master actively creates such surprises for me. It was very quiet, at least it felt that way, because I could not see. This always enhances my other remaining senses, especially hearing and skin sensitivity. Master touched me slightly here and there, and I could hear him chuckle, as he slightly touched my all wet vagina. Next I felt some slight pain, a series of slight stings, left arm, right arm, legs, breasts, and inbetween he started to stimulate me. It was an extremely exciting mix of pain and pleasure. But whenever I started squirming too much for his taste, he stopped. That was frustrating, but all the time he kept working on bringing me closer to orgasm, which I was already waiting for, desperately, sooo desperately. The next time he stopped, the break would not end and I was at a loss. What was going on now? Nothing happened and I was so endlessly aroused. Frustration, here I come. Since I am not allowed to talk in such situations, without permission, I just waited. Master waited another moment and as I cooled down again, still aroused, but my chance to orgasm vanished again, he told me that I could earn what I wanted. Usually this ends up in me promising anything to him he wants me to, but he also told me, that if I gave him the best blowjob of his life, he would let me come as my reward. You can imagine that I was all for it and Master let me kneel and bound my hands behind my back for that time. And I did all I could, there were only two thoughts, suck and orgasm. I really did my best and when Master finally came, I could feel that he was definitely pleased with me. Silence again, me still kneeling, waiting and hoping. He just said 'I think you deserve your reward, little one' and that alone brought me close to it, but only for a moment. He let me lay on the bed again and bound my hands above my head, feet bound, legs spread, just like the first time. Master started applying this slight pain from diverse stings again and after a moment he also stimulated me with his fingers. I wanted to come so badly, but, since I had been interrupted I needed some time to get back on the road to heaven. It went on, teasing, pain, both at the same time, and I could feel how I got closer and closer to my reward and a few moments later, Master intensified everything, until I could not bear it any longer. I was allowed to orgasm and It went all through me with such a power that I virtually passed out from it. I don't know for how long  I was gone, probably not more that a minute, but all the tension that had built up slowly went out of me. When I could feel and think again, I felt as if I had done a 3 hours workout. Master had even unbound my hands and feet, while I was out in heaven but he only took the blindfold away, after I had returned. I still could not move, because I felt so exhausted from what had just happened, and I know that I was just grinning like a silly idiot, but I could not do anything against it. I could not bring out more than a meek 'thank you, Sir', but Master was relaxed too and laughed again. All was well. He put me under a soft and warm blanket and I don't remember anything after that, until I woke up in the morning. It was late, I had overslept, which could be a problem, but instead, Master had prepared breakfast for the both of us. He had talked to me earlier in the morning, which I do not even remember and he had seen that I was simply too exhausted from last night and therefore he had taken over. All in all, I can only say this was THE Wow-experience par excellence. we have had many such moments, but this one will always be special for me. I have never ever before had such an incredible mix of pain and pleasure, tease and denial and final release into unconsciousness. BTW, if you have ever had such moments, you surely know why I end up promising and doing all he wants me to. I really have no chance. Thank you for that, Sir.

P.S. Master used a Wartenberg wheel on me, to drive me completely crazy. I would not recommend it for somebody who is afraid of needles. But if you are into slight pain, I can recommend this wheel. In the past, we have already used a similar device, from my sewing equipment. It works, but afterwards I always looked as if I had been in the woods and got loads of scratches there (not good if you want to wear a short dress the next morning). And for me, the Wartenberg wheel feels better, too, because the other sewing wheel has some sharp edges, which I don't like. Whatever you do, try it out together first.

P.P.S. Master avoids using the wheel on my nipples and labia or clit, because I am oversensitive there and it would hurt like hell for me. Be warned, don't ruin your pleasure by creating the unwanted sort of pain.

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