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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lovely time of a glutton

Everybody who has read any of my entries this summer has probably heard about my magic hammock. Yes, the one that makes me sleep. Our lovely bed doesn’t do that half as well lately, so you can imagine when the weather allows, I am outside, in the hammock. …Sleeping. Many a time you know best what you really need when you don’t have it.

What I don’t need, are too many calories. I am a waddling pumpkin and my current weight is awe-inspiring, just like my bump. Hubby said that it has the round shape of the moon … and is as big. Yeah, thanks for that. He chose the right moment, because I had just arranged every cushion around and under my bump. So, I could barely move, otherwise I would have eaten him!

Talking about eating … I have not sinned more than the average preggo. But I feel each and every single pound that is on me. Nevertheless, compared to earlier times, my body image is definitely positive, though I cannot wait for some more exercise. I miss the activity so much.

Yesterday proved that additional exercise is absolutely necessary for me. Amy and I had a great girls’ day at a friend’s. It was wonderful, with many friends of ours. Tea, coffee (not for me), and what looked like more than a dozen different cakes were being served outside in our friend’s garden, and it was a busy affair, until everybody had her first piece of cake. Since I had to go to the bathroom again (!), I offered to bring some of the things from the kitchen on my way back. …

But once I had entered the kitchen, I was magically drawn to a cream cake. No, it was T H E cake! I only wanted to try it. I don’t do that usually, but I took a little spoon and tried it and it was awesome, just the right food to die for. So I tried again. And again. Yes, and again. I would have tried the cake again till the bitter (sweet) end. But Amy came in, looking for me, because I had been away much longer than expected. 

I looked at her, mouth still full and she burst out laughing. I still had a little bit of cake at my mouth. Mouth full, spoon in hand, filled with cake. Our hostess would surely have understood that this happened, … but it is plain embarrassing if you are caught red-handed next to a half-eaten cream cake. I stuffed in the last bit from the spoon and tried to gulp down everything quickly, which was a mistake, because I had to cough. 

When I was halfway done with that, we heard our hostess approaching. Amy quickly cleaned my mouth with her finger, the cake had still been there. I turned to the side, so that nobody would see I still had some cake in my mouth. … I tried swallowing the inconspicuous way. “Ah here you are, we were worried. Is everything ok? Are you ok?” Well, I could not exactly answer without giving myself away, could I. Amy took over “Yeah, everything is fine again. She was not feeling well for a moment. Just a quiet moment to calm down and we’ll both be with you again.” Phew, Amy took my hand and shoulder and shoved me into the living room, where I sat with her for a few minutes. She made a dead serious face, sent our good hostess out to tell that I’d be fine again any second and let me relax a little. 

I don’t really know where all this cake went, and I was really stuffed. Nobody could see that, though, because I always looked stuffed for the last 22 out of 35 weeks. I am grateful that she understands what’s going on. Without her, it would have been embarrassing, but with her around it was actually funny. There were no embarrassing questions, no embarrassment at all, just understanding and some giggles. Oh, and a reminder to stock up on heartburn blockers. Wise woman, she has been right, of course. That was the cake’s horrible revenge on me.

Sorry for my rambling. Today has been good, without any excitement at all. Maybe you feel inclined to say that’s boring. For me, it was wonderful and I caught up on sleep, too. Maybe yesterday's aftermath. :)

Weekly countdown time:

We have reached week 35 this week!

You know what, I seriously have to come up with a nice idea of what to do with the empty countdown space once baby is there. 


  1. Cream cake is awesome, so no judgment here! I think that if you are like most new mommies, the countdown space will be filled with baby cuteness and milestones :-)

  2. Hi River, thank you so much. I am so glad that you understand this. I did not even want to eat it all, but then again ....

    Yay for baby cuteness and milestone-news. I can't wait for that, I love baby news :)




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