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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nursery school party

This was a super cute event (see quick note). Although the oldest kids were meant to be the stars, actually it was a party of the whole nursery school. All groups of all ages had participated in two little plays and the oldest children, those who will be school kids soon, had a kind of solo. 
The main play was about a little girl who had lost her cat. She was going to different places, all over the world and looked for her little cat. So you could see the most famous cats, like tigers, lions, pumas and leopards. My niece was the leopard. It was a very colourful event, because the children had fantastic costumes, faces and hands were coloured, too, so that they all looked the part. 

The setting was very basic, which was just right, because since they only had four trees in the background and lots of room in the foreground, they could move around easily. Oh, and of course, the trees were talking all the time, they discussed how time passed and the little girl went through the world. They were absolutely fabulous, three boys who were a little shy and were barely audible and a girl who screamed her tree-messages out into the crowd. I really had to hold my bump because I couldn’t stop laughing. They were all too cute and sweet. 

Btw, the little girl returned home, unhappy, because she could not find her loved cat. :-(   But then something that looked like a bush (no idea what that was meant to be) told her to look into her garden. The little cat had born a litter of little kittens, who were also played by children. They were half hidden behind a bench, so that you could only see their heads, face in full kitten make-up and little cat ears in black, brown and yellow. :-) Those kitten actors really took their part seriously and did not flinch once throughout the scene.

(not from the party!)

In the second play they had lots of animals from the sea, primarily dolphins, though, and everything was kept in blue, the children included, with dark blue faces… and white shining teeth and eyes.  According to their looks, they were the junior version of the Blue Man Group. But the kids were cooler, because they had big dolphin silhouettes at the sides of their heads. 

Afterwards, there was a final song sung by all children and then the buffet was open for all and after they all had something to eat and drink, the crowd dispersed a little and there was time for some small talk, final goodbyes for the older kids and nursery school teachers. As far as I understood, they had done that already in the morning, but make assurance double sure. I thought that maybe they should have put the buffet outside, because they have a large area outside and the weather is currently fantastic. It’s sunny and windy, just right to be outside.
I was not the only one with a bump, there were at least three other visibly very pregnant women, and one who looked like seventh month stood close to a man, probably in his fifties, and his belly was bigger than hers. According to the size, he was long overdue with twins. There also was a little boy, maybe four, who stood close by and looked closely at those two protruding bellies. And you could see that he had several questions, but he did not ask immediately. I admit I had been waiting for that to happen. His mom took him up a short time later and he asked her. She also tried to hide her smile in vain. Too bad I could not hear her answer.

It’s countdown time again :-) Baby and I are in week 28 now and feeling good all in all. 
 Maybe I will find time to send reports from the small island, but otherwise there will probably no preggo countdowns for the following four weeks!


  1. Oh Nina, that sounds adorable! What a lovely way to end their year :-) I am glad you are feeling well, and I wish you a happy and safe journey. Thank you for not being offended by my advice :-) I know that you are a very smart woman, but I've studied so much about pregnancy and nutrition that it's hard not to mention it! Congrats on week 28 too :-)

  2. River, thank you once again, I am definitely not offended by your advice, ... how could I? I think it is lovely that you did offer advice and I enjoy hearing good and well meant advice. Maybe I am not always the best in doing everything right, but I think I tried very hard doing it all right concerning baby and will always go on with it.



  3. How adorable and cute!:) Congrsts on week 28, glad to hear you are feeling well:) Have a wonderful time, travel safe.


  4. Roz, the kids really were marvelous and I love that they do everything the way they want to. They absolutely enjoyed being on stage and many things went a little different than they had been originally rehearsed. Actually that was the best and it made the plays so much more special.
    I am pretty excited by now because we'll see our family again this weekend. I am nervous because of the flight, and just hope that hubby doesn't have to drag me onto the plane. From the medical point of view, any kind of problem is unlikely to happen during the flight, on the contrary, I got reassured this morning that everything is fine and all is as good as possible. Being that tired is only one little snag and it could have been far worse than it is. I can do almost everything on my own, have no major medical issues and know that baby is fine, so all is good for us!
    Besides, my in-laws know that they could see me fall asleep pretty quickly and I have not brought along any tight shoes and will use my flip flops whenever I can, as anything else is too tight most of the time.
    If I manage, I'll try to sneak in one more entry before we leave. I should have enough time, because everything is packed, checked and repacked, but at the weekends, hubby will not always let me blog. We'll see.




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